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Ok, I got it
This gregarious young fella is our new Grand Champion white standard poodle of the lot at the moment. Riot achieved his Grand Championship on the 8 Dec, 2007 UKC show in Courtland Virginia.
It is said that he is the first corded Standard Poodle in the UKC history to achieve the Grand Championship title.
He is also from Moonvalley, but out of different bloodlines then Solange`, who is also a UKC Champion Moonvalley Standard Poodle.
The photos to the below are when he was about 6 months old and I groomed him in a German clip called a 'Karakul'.
Now he is corded into a clip called the HCC (Historical Correct Continental) or better known as the Modified Continental.
Riot shows a personality and charm that is incredibly endearing, his expression would steal your heart away.
Dam: Moonvalley Ahleah
Sire: Wall Street High End Stock
Here is Riot's Grandmama Elaine Jones of Moonvalley Standard Poodles In New York with Riot and his brothers and sisters.
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No. of Votes:  124
Avg. Rating:   3.36    Ranked
Meter Started: Jan 10, 2007
Moonvalley Master Sly Boots
Call Name: Riot
Whelp date is; 04/21/2005
AKC PR06483206
CERF: POS-5330N/2007 Normal
Thyroid Panels: Normal
vWB: 83% Normal
Maneetas Del Zarzoso Fuego Fatuo TP 11/22/1988-2000
AKC PP27721001
(02-93) Cream Standard Poodle
OFA PO5495G43M
DNA #V71911
Sire (9/17/1993-)
AM CH. Whisperwind Sky Dancer
AKC PP39838802
(07-95) White Standard Poodle
OFA PO-7162F28MT Fair
CERF POS-1483 Normal
DNA #V97002
Dam (2/27/1992-)
Whisperwind Jade
AKC PP33316501
(03-94) White Standard Poodle
OFA PO-6621G30F Good
Wall Street High End Stock
AKC PR03380502   10-05)
White Standard Poodle
Sire (8/14/1995-4/8/2002)
AM CH Lake Cove That's My Boy
AKC PP45585504
(07-97) White Standard Poodle
DNA #V23461
Wall Street Preferred CL.A
AKC PP64088102
(04-04) White Standard Poodle
Dam (2/28/1999-)
AKC PP58308823
(05-01) White Standard Poodle
Sire (8/18/1981-)
AM CH. Pinafore President
AKC PB572841
(03-83) White Standard Poodle
OFA PO-2583F141MT Fair
OFA GDC2345SA142N6/95
Sire (7/10/1992-)
AM Lux CH. Pinafore Prestidigitation
AKC PP35308302
(10-94) White Standard Poodle
DNA #P42883
Dam (11/3/1989-)
AM CH. Allegra Angel In Dis Giz
AKC PC251452
(03-93) White Standard Poodle
OFA PO-5559E32FT Excellent
CERF POS-294 Normal
Moonvalley Ahleah
AKC PP60253206   08-02)
White Standard Poodle
Sire (8/2/1990-)
AM CH. Lemerle Travellin' Lite
AKC PP25419003
(12-92) White Standard Poodle
OFA PO-5536G24M Good
SA clearance: OFA GDC5522SA49N9/95
Dam (2/21/1996-)
Pinafore Jonella Las Vegas
White Standard Poodle
OFA GDC12089H24AN Average
Dam (2/21/1996-)
AM CH. Pinafore Surprise Package
AKC PP28387503
(02-94) Silver Standard Poodle